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Companies that excel at lead-nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.Lead NurtureMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
January 14, 2021

Lead To Lease Conversion Platforms

What is a Lead To Lease Conversion Platform? Lead To Lease Conversion Platforms (LLCP's) are designed to help leasing teams nurture leads from all advertising efforts, converting them to signed…
COVID-19Lead NurtureLease RenewalsMFH Marketing
December 14, 2020

Marketing To Generation Z For Student Housing In 2021

There will always be a demand for student housing. But in these strange times how do you fill your student housing apartments and encourage students to renew their lease? To…
text message marketingLead NurtureMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
December 4, 2020

Text Message Marketing – Top 5 Best Practices

Text Message Marketing is a perfect communication method if you want to follow up with your prospects/residents in a fast, efficient, and friendly way. There are more than 14.02 billion…
Customer ServiceLead NurtureMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
November 19, 2020

Using SMS To Deliver Better Customer Service and Higher Conversions

Customer service has always been the focal point of building relationships in any sales position. Leasing teams may resent the fact that they don’t have the budgets necessary to provide…
Increase Lead ConversionsLead NurtureLease RenewalsMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
October 15, 2020

Three Key Components To Increase Lead Conversions By 50%

Were not simply another text message marketing tool. Nurture Boss is a powerful mobile marketing engine that delivers a 3X increase in engagement and a 50% increase in online applications…
COVID-19Lead NurtureLease RenewalsMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
September 15, 2020

How To Attract More Residents Quickly & Safely By Texting

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced property management companies to relearn how to connect and create a community without face-to-face interactions. A recent article published in Multi-Housing New, mentions "For on-site…
September 2, 2020

Eviction Moratorium – Everything You Need To Know

While the eviction moratorium prevents evictions under certain circumstances it does not excuse the financial obligations of renters
August 31, 2020

Arizona Multihousing Association – Feature

In an effort to help the multi–family housing (MFH) industry as a whole, Nurture Boss has collected important MFH marketing statistics and trends. This critical COVID-19 information, found in our MFH Marketing Trends…
lead-nurtureLead Nurture
August 20, 2020

Use Powerful Lead Nurture To Close More Deals

In the last few years, lead nurture by texting has exploded onto the scene and smart marketers know its true potential and see the results in real-time.
send better textsMobile Marketing
August 7, 2020

How To Send Better Texts!

Sending really good texts are so important when leveraging SMS marketing. When a prospect receives a text message, those first few words are going to determine if they keep reading…
MFH Marketing TrendsMFH MarketingMobile Marketing
July 31, 2020

MFH Marketing Trends

Covid Era Business and the Technology Evolution of 2020 has brought about a new norm for all of us. Businesses and consumers alike have to adjust.
COVID Era Business and the Technology Evolution of 2020Mobile Marketing
July 20, 2020

The 2020 Technology Evolution

Covid Era Business and the Technology Evolution of 2020 has brought about a new norm for all of us. Businesses and consumers alike have to adjust.
Tenant TurnoverLease Renewals
July 13, 2020

The Cost of Tenant Turnover

Residents who renew their lease with you year after year are your evangelists. These are the folks who are so happy with where they live they pay their 3% rent…
Future of Lead NurtureMFH Marketing
July 8, 2020

The Future of Lead Nurture

"We received a 98% open rate on our last Nurture Boss Campaign. Something that is simply unobtainable through our traditional nurturing methods."
Better Lead NurtureLead GenerationMFH Marketing
July 3, 2020

Asking The Right Questions For Better Lead Nurturing

In MFH there are many ways we collect prospect data. Online Guest Cards is one of the most common. So we pose this question to you in regards to your…
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