Enhancing your resident experience should be top of mind when trying to create a build a happy community of long-lasting residents. For the residents in your community, their apartment is more than walls and windows. Their apartment is a place they call home, and home is where memories are made and families grow.

We all know that adding amenities to your community, hosting events, and advertising well can help drive more interest from prospects and retain existing residents, but in this article, we’re going to dive into one key factor you can implement to enhance your overall resident experience. Communication.

Enhancing Resident Experience Starts With Communication

Every touchpoint with a resident is either an opportunity to meet or exceed their expectations. This is a key fact to know when attempting to enhance your resident experience. Communication between your community and your residents happens often, so it’s important that every attempt is received in a friendly and convenient way.

This is where text message communication has many advantages. With an average of a 98% open rate, you can be certain that your residents are seeing your communication attempts within the first hour of sending the text. In fact, a recent study shows that 78% of consumers prefer text message communication with a business over any other form of communication.

As human beings, we cherish human connection and communication is how people connect.

Additionally, LeadFerno published a study with some impressive stats supporting why texting is so critical for businesses as it relates to communicating with their prospects and customers.

Graph Provided By LeadFerno

Residents at apartment homes expect management to be as modern and fast paced as all of our lives in this new age of tech. Leveraging old and outdated tooling and sending archaic messaging is a great way to let your residents know you are falling behind the times.

Moral of the story; By focusing on enhancing communication you’re also enhancing your overall resident experience as well.

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