More Leases.

More Renewals.

Higher NOI.

Nurture Boss is the first end-to-end communication tool bringing full automation to multifamily.

    More Leases, Faster.

    • New leads get their first touch point within minutes
    • Personalized follow up tailored to the desires of each prospect
    • Measure engagement to separate serious renters from “window shoppers”
    • Automation allows for 8-10 touch points per prospect with no extra time from the onsite team
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition with beautiful templates and marketing collateral designed to engage prospects
    Touch Points
    More Engagement
    More Applications

    Renew More Residents.

    • Triggers for milestone moments in the resident journey
    • Automate resident communication for increased resident retention
    • Boost online reputation with review templates
    • Move-in checklist to create a delightful experience for new residents
    • Collect more on-time payments with rent reminders
    Renewal Increase
    More On-time Rent

    Automate Everything.

    With Nurture Boss automation, you can automate any follow-up throughout the lead to lease and lease to renewal lifecycle.

    • Respond to new leads immediately
    • Consistent follow-ups to schedule more tours and get more applications
    • Remind prospects about upcoming appointments
    • Send future residents move-in checklists
    • Boost reputation with 30-60-90 day resident check-ins
    • Use maintenance follow-ups to collect surveys
    • Remind residents of upcoming rent due
    • Renew more residents with automated renewal notices
    • And more…

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