Automated Prospect Follow Up & Resident Communication

Reduce the number of tasks for your onsite team while increasing the prospect and resident experience at your properties. More engagement and higher conversions start with automating your workflows!

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Nurture Boss offers AI powered automation to automate follow up and resident retention

Convert More Leads & Save Time For Onsite Teams

  • New leads get their first touch point within minutes
  • Hyper-Personalized follow up tailored to the needs and interests of each prospect
  • Measure engagement to separate serious renters from “window shoppers”
  • Automation allows for the 8-12 touch points needed per prospect while saving the onsite teams more than 2 hours each day
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with beautiful templates and marketing collateral designed to engage prospects and increase conversions

Automated Prospect Follow Up

Turn Residents into Advocates

  • Automate resident communication for increased resident retention
  • Triggers for milestone moments in the resident journey
  • Move-in checklist to create a delightful experience for new residents
  • Boost online reputation with review templates
  • Collect more payments on-time with rent reminders
  • Automated renewal workflows that integrate with your PMS
  • Gain efficiency with Notice and Move-Out automation

AI Powered Two-Way Texting

  • Multi-Channel & Always Available
  • Empower prospects to self-schedule tours
  • Create Guest Cards
  • Prospects self-qualify in realtime
  • Understand what matters most to each prospect
  • Power Hyper Personalization for more effective follow up

Integrated and Automated

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