Our Customer Success Manager, Liana LaPierre, sat down with Lindsay Duffy, Director, Training and Marketing at Western Wealth Communities, to discuss her experience with the Nurture Boss product and the Nurture Boss team.

Lindsay has been an amazing champion for Nurture Boss and the Nurture Boss team. Her collaboration and participation in rolling out Nurture Boss to the Western Wealth portfolio has allowed us to achieve amazing results at all of their properties! 🥳

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We love hearing from our customers and collaborating with them to build better products!

Why Did Western Wealth Choose Nurture Boss?

You know, we did do a pilot because I’m skeptical. Right. We’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the past 15 years. I’ve been in the industry, so I always wanted to see if something’s working. And one thing that I love about Nurture Boss is number one you go out to the communities, you know the product that we’re marketing, and you give us great ideas on how to get prospects through the door while nurturing the leads so that they’re really a hot lead ready to lease or tour by the time they get to our properties. And we do run on pretty lean teams. So it’s very important that we don’t waste their time doing a lot of calls, a lot of follow up. And I remember the initial call, you guys said sometimes it’s 10-15 times you follow up with a prospect. And I know our requirement was three to five times, so we definitely were not meeting that mark. So I just love the value that you bring to our leasing teams.

What Impact Are You Seeing As A Result Of Implementing Nurture Boss At Your Sites?

I see a couple, my teams are able to work with residents more because it’s free up their time from working a lot of leads and then the leads are actually being closed on

prior we would look at the engagement score in Knock and maybe it might be around 60%, but now they’re at 85-90% because with Nurture Boss’s help

they’re able to work the leads in a faster time frame. And those leads are actually converting to tours and leases. So it’s more of a hot lead being delivered to my teams versus those cold leads that take a lot of time and nurturing and follow up to get them to that tour stage.

How Does Nurture Boss Help Your Onsite Teams

I think they help them just lease. You guys bring a different kind of set of eyes. You’re not doing the day in, the day out at the property. I think sometimes when you’re working a property, you forget leasing 101. So I think Nurture Boss really helps hold my teams accountable by your emails, ensuring that they’re sending their reports and that you guys are a valued partner, not just a vendor for us to help them do their jobs better, but also make the community money. I mean, our goal is to lease apartments. And so I think everyone working together helps us hit our goals.

Are You Excited For Resident Automation To Be Enabled At Western Wealth Properties

Super excited. And I will tell you that I love that you still communicate with our residents. I know that you guys send out Flex campaigns, helping them pay rent on their time. So just that further communication outside of our leasing change is so helpful because I know that it’s being taken care of.

How Has Nurture Boss Helped Western Wealth Hit Their Goals?

From my angle I’m looking at the analytics and that’s really what started this conversation because the analytics told me that I was delivering leads, that the marketing sources were working, but they were not closing. So there was this huge gap on why are you getting 400 leads, five tours and two leases like where is this gap? And the gap was working the leads and doing multiple follow ups and multiple touch points and although they may not be ready to lease within that 30 day time frame or two weeks, they might leave six months down the road.

So having you guys continually touch those leads and foster that relationship so they don’t forget about us because I know my teams don’t have the time to do that.

They’re kind of looking at their right now because that’s right what’s in front of them. So having that relationship and having you have that relationship with prospects have been helpful for me because now we’re starting to see those closing numbers with the metrics that we need to be the 25% lead to tour conversion, the 25% tour to lease conversions and we’re starting to see that gap kinda to get smaller and be more in line with what the Western Wealth goals are.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Nurture Boss?

Honestly, I’m a people person and you all are amazing. I love the attention that you give us at a corporate level but also my teams, the relationships that you build there and the trust I think trust is everything when you’re trying a new partnership with any kind of vendor and we want to work with people that we like, just like prospects want to lease with people that they like. So you as a whole and team have been wonderful to work with and then, of course, results speak for themselves.

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