At Nurture Boss we are constantly releasing new features for our customers. This post is to talk about the new Follow Up Aware feature! Which new features to build are powered by a combination of several things:

  • Customer feedback
  • Reaction to demands from the market
  • Identification of trends and needs in multifamily
  • Innovative ideas and vision from our product and engineering teams

This post highlights the “Follow Up Aware” feature. Like all tools within the Nurture Boss platform, this is available to all of our customers! You won’t find Nurture Boss up-charging for access to these great new tools we build 😎

What Does Follow Up Aware Mean?

There has been a giant boom in tech for multifamily. While this is incredibly exciting, creating new opportunity and value for the industry, and helping MFH catch up with the rest of the business world, it has created some challenges too.

Primarily, how to you successfully marry the technology and human aspects of the industry. At Nurture Boss, we noticed that often automation and AI would “get in the way” of the humans (onsite teams). The creation of the Follow Up Aware feature was one of the many tools Nurture Boss created to generate a seamless experience for multifamily using new tech.

Follow Up Aware is Nurture Boss’s ability to monitor and track the activity of onsite team members and dynamically adapt our automation and AI to work in tandem and avoid “stepping on the toes” of onsite team members.

How Does Follow Up Aware Work?

Nurture Boss’s AI Follow Up works by sending follows up to prospective renters based on their interests, needs, and where they are at in the lead to lease lifecycle. It is important that these AI powered follow ups fit seamlessly into any other communication our outreach the prospect may have received.

Follow Up Aware allows the Nurture Boss platform to understand when an onsite team member has either recently communicated with or is actively communicating with an onsite team member. When Nurture Boss’s AI sees this “back and forth” we take a back seat while the humans communicate. Only when there has been a lull in communication (usually 24 hours or greater) will our automated follow up begin sending messages again.

Why Follow Up Aware Matters

Follow Up Aware is the perfect way to blend the use of technology with the human touch. The primary objective of all leasing technology should be to create a smoother experience for onsite team members, prospects, and residents. Technology should take on the primary responsibility of ensuring this reality. A good tech solution will not only require no extra work from onsite team members, but should in fact take work off of their plate.

Follow Up Aware with Nurture Boss means you can ensure each and ever prospect and resident will have a smooth and positive experience all the while creating an easier day to day task load for your onsite team. As property management companies it is OK to rely on your vendors and tech partners to do this work to ensure positive experiences all around. We take this responsibility seriously at Nurture Boss and build tools like Follow Up Aware to make sure this is a reality.


Nurture Boss is thrilled to announce our new Follow Up Aware functionality. To learn more about this and other great features and tools within the Nurture Boss platform contact our Customer Success team at

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