Sending really good texts are so important when leveraging SMS marketing. When a prospect receives a text message, those first few words are going to determine if they keep reading or no and eventually take the action you are moving them toward. For us that is signing more leases!

This article is simple and to the point, just some tips for better texts!

Top Tips for Better Texts

Keep them short

Try and keep your texts under 140 characters. At Nurture Boss we provide you with a character count so you can easily track this. No one wants to open a text and see a wall of text… Don’t be that guy.

Send better texts
Send better texts

Tell Them Who You Are

This seems obvious but I can’t tell you how many times we see folks sending texts without letting their prospect know who is texting! The first sentence of your text should contain “this is [yourName] at [yourBusiness]”. Don’t leave it out, forgetting to announce yourself is a guaranteed way for a prospect to not take action from your text. If you can create templates (like Nurture Boss allows you to do) with the pertinent information saved so you don’t have to worry about remembering!

Personalize the Message

It’s all about making it personal, so make sure you are capturing the right data during lead generation. Start every text with “Hi, [clientFirstName]!”. As marketers we need a ways to send a lot of texts at once, so we rely on software, however, if our texts look like they came from a robot we will never get traction. Add your prospects first name (full name is too formal) and any other personal information you have that is relevant to your message!

Avoid Words That Sound Like Spam

Whether it be the phone carrier or the end user, any words that sound spammy will cause immediate disengagement. Avoid words like: Free, Click Here, Act Now, Limited Time, etc.

Timing is everything

At Nurture Boss we have collected tens of thousands of data points about when you should and shouldn’t send texts. Not only does the day of the week matter but so does the time of the day! We share this anonymized data with all of our customers to ensure everyone had perfect timing with their text message marketing.

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