Welcome to part 3 of this 3 part series! In this series we are exploring the communication fundamentals for onsite teams and going over 3 building blocks. In part 2 we explored “When You Say It”. In part 3 we will review “How You Say It”.

Specifically we will dive into Channel of Delivery, Branding, Look and Feel.

Communication Fundamentals – How You Say It:

How you say it, for us, refers to the channel of delivery as well as branding for your messages. What channel or device you receive a message on has a huge impact on the engagement or potential conversions you get out of that message and is one of the building blocks of good communication fundamentals. The look and feel of that message is what will set you apart from the other 10 follow ups each prospect receives from your comps.  

Channel of Delivery:

While this list could certainly be large we can at least cover the three primary channels of conversation. Email, text message, and voice. Each channel is the right choice for specific scenarios. Having the ability to do all three is crucial to your success, but knowing which to focus on is equally important.

At Nurture Boss we promote texting above all else. We have seen that text messages are engaged with 3x more than emails. Additionally nearly 93% of consumers want to communicate via text. Furthermore text messages are read 98% of the time. This is the closest thing to a guarantee we can get that our messaging will be seen. It is important when texting to ensure you adhere to all state and federal laws and obtain the necessary opt-in and follow the appropriate opt-out guidelines.

When we cannot text a prospect or resident, relying on email is our next best option. Understanding how to send effective emails is key to success. By carefully crafting subject lines and optimizing for time of delivery you can achieve best results for opens and engagement. Email has similar benefits to text messaging, to name a few: mobile first, allow prospects and residents to engage on their timeline not yours, targeted calls to action, and the ability to measure engagement and activity.

Our last channel to discuss is voice. Placing phone calls is a great way to connect person to person with prospects and residents. Timing and engagement historically are difficult with outbound voice options. Today only 20% of adult Americans answer an unknown number. We recommend leveraging voice outreach for first and last touchpoints. When communicating with prospects and residents over voice you can quickly and concisely educate and answer questions. By leveraging voice for your first touchpoint you increase your ability to quickly convert prospects (tours, applications, etc) and by leveraging voice as your final touchpoint you can quickly close new customers and resolve resident issues with ease.

Ensuring the Automation and AI tools you leverage are able to span channels but more importantly now when to use which, is important when making decisions about what technology is best for you. An ideal automation flow will leverage multiple channels over a period of time and precisely measure engagement to understand what is and isn’t working. 


Branding is about telling a story. People relate to stories. What story are you telling your customers about your property? By creating a cohesive message that spans all of your communication channels you can build customer loyalty and awareness. While branding can be detailed quite extensively, we feel there are two main categories of branding.


The look of your branding is how it visually appears to customers. Consistency here is key. What colors do you use to represent your brand? What iconic photography are you using repeatedly? What font do you use on your website? Having answers to these questions and intentionally implementing consistency here is crucial to successful branding. 61% of people are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content.

Automation and AI tools used to facilitate communication for your onsite teams should care deeply about your properties branding and have the capability to encompass your branding in their outreach. By ensuring prospects and residents receive consistent visual branding from all communication your property sends you can begin building that story behind your brand and create a more engagement experience for your customers.


While “feel” is more ambiguous of a category, we can neatly define it. The “feel” of your brand is what emotions you invoke in your customers through how you show up. Luxury, modern, family oriented? These are just a few examples of what the feel of your property may convey. Feel is best executed with the content of your messaging. This may be texts you send, signage out front, or emails delivered to your customers. Do you use emojis 🥳 when representing your brand? Is your messaging serious? Is it fun?! At Nurture Boss we have seen that email and texts that incorporate specific branding messaging into sms and subject lines are engaged with 3x more than generic messaging.

It is important that whatever the feel of your brand is that it is consistently used across communication channels. The best way to implement this consistency is to create a strong “brand guide” that can be shared with your partners. Automation and AI need to feel natural to customers in order to be effective. Weaving in your properties “feel” into the messaging of Automation and AI is our final key tip for success.

Communication Fundamentals Summary

Writing this 3 part series has been a lot of fun! I hope you found it useful when thinking about how we teach onsite teams to communicate with prospects and residents.

Leverage modern technology, AI, and automation are all great ways to ensure these building blocks are achieved with each and every message you send. At Nurture Boss, we ensure each message we send, when we send it, and how we send it are done in a way that is optimal for the customer as well as the onsite team!

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