AI Powered Apartment ChatBot & Web Widget

With Nurture Boss’ AI powered apartment ChatBot and Web Widget you can capture more leads and create a more delightful experience from the first step. Our apartment ChatBot is prepared to answer prospect and resident questions 24/7/365. The Nurture Boss Web Widget sits on your website and facilitate ChatBot conversations, lead capture, and tour scheduling.

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Apartment ChatBot

Renters today want their questions answered immediately and at anytime.

  • Nurture Boss’ AI powered Apartment ChatBot ensures each visitor to your website has access to realtime answers 🧐
  • Our AI powered Apartment ChatBot can guide prospects through scheduling a tour, inserting the tour directly into your CRM πŸ—“οΈ
  • Drive prospects directly to apply online through your Apartment ChatBot ✍️
  • Delivery realtime pricing and availability information to prospects with our Apartment ChatBot 🏷️
  • Answers hundreds of prospect and resident questions πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
Apartment ChatBot with Nurture Boss
Turn Visitors into Leads with the Apartment ChatBot

Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

Get more from our marketing efforts by turning more website visitors into qualified leads.

  • Nurture Boss Web Widget integrates directly with your CRM, inserting captured leads as new guest cards πŸ₯³
  • Each lead is appropriately attributed to the correct source πŸ—ΊοΈ
  • Capture additional information like desired move in date and desired bedroom count πŸ›Œ
  • Completely customize widget look, color, and position 🎨

Every Page Is a “Schedule A Tour” Page

Nurture Boss’ Web Widget integrates directly with your CRM to provide seamless tour scheduling.

  • The Web Widget can schedule a tour from any page πŸ—“οΈ
  • Customize availability with black out dates, same day tours, custom time intervals and more βš™οΈ
  • Customize the color and fonts to match your pages branding 🌈
Schedule A Tour with Apartment Chatbot

What Can Nurture Boss Do For You?

Learn more about how Nurture Boss can bring AI and Automation to your property to increase occupancy, maintain occupancy, increase renewals, and boost short staffed or centralized leasing teams!

    Why Nurture Boss?

    Custom Branding with Nurture Boss

    Custom Branding

    Matching the look, feel, and tone of your property is key for good communication. Nurture Boss’s custom branding checks this box.

    Mobile First with Nurture Boss

    Mobile First

    Let’s be real, your prospects are communicating from their phones not their desktops. Mobile first design is the name of the game at Nurture Boss.

    Texting with Nurture Boss

    But Can You Text?

    Personalized texting with Nurture Pages sets you apart from everyone else. Did you know texts are opened 98% of the time? πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³ 🎊

    Automate Communication with Nurture Boss

    Automated Communication

    How can onsite teams be expected to send personal communications to hundreds of prospects? Nurture Boss automation is here for you!

    Data Powered Message Timing with Nurture Boss

    Timing Is Everything

    Getting messages to prospects at the right time matters. At Nurture Boss we got you covered. We’re powered by data πŸ€— 🧠

    The Right Message with Nurture Boss

    The Right Message

    How you say it is as important as what you say. At Nurture Boss our communication is crafted to always leave the right impression.

    Beautiful and Modern Templates with Nurture Boss

    Beautiful Templates

    Whether an email or a text our templates are beautiful and modern. A delightful experience is a must for all content. 🎩

    Save Onsite Teams Time with Nurture Boss

    Save Time Each Day

    Once Nurture Boss automation is turned on no more action is required by the onsite team. You’ll receive weekly reports updating you on progress πŸ’ͺ🏼

    “Nurture boss has been such a great innovative aid to my day to day duties, it is easy to send collective communication via text or email, but I can also personalize a follow up message for my prospects and current residents which in turn converts in higher resident retention because people love to feel seen and heard. As a plus when things get busy I know I can reach out to my success manager Brittany to step in and help with those emails and texts for me, Gotta love having a team you can truly count on!”

    Mishelle SanchezProperty Manager at Cornerstone