In an effort to help the MFH industry as a whole we’ve pulled some important marketing statistics and MFH marketing trends that you need to know post COVID-19 to help you market to your future and existing tenants.

Knowing is half the battle, once you have this information what will you do with it? Nurture Boss has you covered here too. With each statistic we provide information on “How To Leverage These Statistics”. Data informed decision making is behind every great marketing strategy.

COVID-19 Related Trends

56% of tenants say they are looking for new units according to study by 2ndKitchen

Understanding this MFH marketing trends lets you adjust your messaging accordingly. This 56% is primarily interest in more space. Here are some things you can do:

  • Add “WFH” language to your marketing efforts
  • Create campaigns around your larger units
  • Offer transfer incentives for tenant upgrades

Click here for more details and information around this MFH marketing trend.

SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS Marketing campaigns have an open rate of 98% and Nurture Boss SMS campaigns have a click through rate of 58% (39% higher than the industry average).

Nurture Boss gathers thousands of data points through our platform that we share with our MFH clients to create more predictable marketing strategies. These statistics are actual numbers based on our customer’s usage of our platform.

More MFH Marketing Trends

Nurture Boss has prepared many more MFH marketing trends to help guide your next marketing strategy. Take a look out our Trends page where we keep up to date statistics and more importantly, actions and steps you can take to leverage this information to make data informed decisions.

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