So you stumbled upon a new marketing software (aka Nurture Boss) and saw how much it could positively impact your community, but guess what, you’re the only one excited about it.

You’ve seen the case studies and read the trend reports and believe you’ve found a technology solution that will help you shorten your lead-to-lease sales cycle but now you need buy-in from your boss. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some valuable ways to present this new marketing software in a way that conveys value and ROI to your community manager.

Starting The Conversation

Approaching the subject of spending money on a new marketing software can be touchy. You want to make sure that when presenting a new solution that you’re doing it at the right time. Timing is critical to ensure your request is being heard and is warranted. We suggest starting the conversation like this:

“Hey Sally, I have something pretty awesome I’d like to show you when you have a few minutes. Let me know when you’re free.”

Don’t jump into how awesome the solution is right away. Your manager might be busy or have something else going on that you’re not aware of. Let them pick a time when they’re open to having a conversation. Once they are ready and not distracted with other things they will be my receptive to your request.

How To Convey Value For New Marketing Software

Anytime you want to convey value to anyone you can easily break it down into two simple categories. First you have tangible benefits. These benefits outline things that the decision maker can actually see and feel as a tangible impact. For example: When you implement Nurture Boss your community can expect to see on average a 50% increase in conversions. The second category is intangible benefits. For example: When you implement Nurture Boss into your community your leasing team will save countless hours of time performing tedious follow up tasks; making your leasing team more efficient and everyones lives a bit easier.

So lets break it down…

Tangible Benefits of Nurture Boss

  1. By implementing Nurture Boss your leasing team will quickly see an increase in conversions of leads by up to 50%.
  2. Nurture Boss’s automation ensures your prospects are receiving relevant messages at precisely the right time for maximum engagement.
  3. Leasing teams receive daily engaged prospect reports from every campaign sent through the Nurture Boss platform. Giving your team a hot sheet of prospects that are highly engaged and likely to sign a lease.
  4. With a 98% open rate on Nurture Boss’s personalized text messages, your communication attempts are delivered and viewed by your prospects.
  5. Nurture Boss generates a 10x+ ROI and have a positive impact on your community’s bottom line (NOI).
  6. Nurture Boss’ Rent Collection Campaigns result in $50,000 or more in delinquencies collected after one campaign blast.
  7. Nurture Boss increases resident renewal rates by 3-9%.
  8. Nurture Boss gives each onsite team member back 8 hours in their week!

Intangible Benefits of Nurture Boss

  1. By implementing Nurture Boss your leasing team will save time on tedious lead follow-up. Think… no more wasted time on the phone, leaving voice messages or sending one off emails.
  2. With Nurture Boss’s automation, your leasing team can rest assured that your prospects and residents will receive personalized and relevant messages without any execution needed from your onsite team.
  3. Prospects and residents have better experiences when receiving communications from your community.
  4. Prospects and residents will get very fast follow up leaving them feeling heard and cared for.
  5. Nurture Boss integrates with your CRM, making it very easy to use and benefit from. You don’t have to spend time learning a new system!

Closing The Gap

After you’ve caught your manager at the right time and presented the tangible and intangible values of the new marketing software you now need to close the deal. Well not technically, that’s what the software provider does, but you do need to help them take the first step.

Don’t attempt to have your manager sign up on the spot. It’s not your job to fully convey all the benefits and features of the new marketing software. Instead pose a question like this:

“So now that I’ve shown you how awesome this is, would you be open to me scheduling a demo so we can learn more about this solution? When is a good time for you?”

We suggest asking this question pretty much verbatim. The important part of the question is asking if they are “OPEN TO”. Most people don’t like to consider themselves closed-minded so when you ask someone if they’re open to something, most of the time they say yes.

Once they have conceded to your request all you have to do is schedule a demo 😁

If you follow the step and prompts outlined above, the chances of your manager buying into the new marketing software will drastically increase. Additionally, keep in mind you can use this framework as a way to adopt all sorts of solutions into your community.

Now forge ahead and good luck!