It probably won’t come as a shock to say that most Americans have a cellphone. According to Pew Research, that number is 97% in 2021 – a staggeringly high number. Cellphones are convenient: they allow you to call, text, or email from anywhere! Thankfully, that convenience is passed on to the Multifamily industry. As a result, communities have an easier time than ever engaging with prospects and residents!

The best way to engage

Text messaging is clearly the best way to engage. Here are some interesting statistics for proof:

To follow up, you might ask how text messaging engagement compares to push notifications from an app. You also might be surprised to see how well text messaging performs. Push notifications have a 3% open rate vs 98% for text messages. Push notification response rates also very from 7 to 48 minutes. Text messages see responses within seconds of opening. Lastly, text messages don’t require an app download to work!

Effective text messaging engagement

Sending effective text messages is difficult. It’s unlikely that onsite teams have the time necessary to research how to generate high quality text content. Remember, what you say matters. Text content should be highly personalized, yet brief to keep people engaged.

Even after you define the content you still need to find the right time to text. Our data shows that the best time to send a text is 5:15 PM in the afternoon.

Finally, you need to ensure you are following federal regulations, such as TCPA. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when sending a text message!

Thankfully, Nurture Boss can handle all of these things for you without extra time from the onsite team.

In short – text messaging is optimal for reaching your target audience. Investing in tools to help you send texts effectively is necessary to stay competitive in today’s mobile world.

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