Meet Nelli

The market expects instant communication, but now more than ever, onsite teams do not have the time to provide consistent, timely, and personalized responses to prospects. While the onsite team is your most valuable asset for converting leads into signed leases, at Nurture Boss we recognize the need for new tools to stay effective. With this in mind, Nurture Boss is excited to announce the launch of Nelli The Bot!

Nelli is THE answer for your onsite teams and is what your prospects are expecting. Nelli increases your NOI by engaging with prospects when and how they prefer. No longer will your prospects be limited to when your onsite team is available, and no longer will your onsite team miss out on leads because they have too much to do.

Our bot is available 24/7 to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions, create guest cards automatically making follow-up easy, and schedule tours at your property!

By empowering prospects to self-qualify and self-schedule tours when it’s convenient for them, Nelli increases conversions and saves your onsite team hours every week so they can focus on providing great tours and serving residents.

Why Nelli?

Why create Nelli? Because our customers asked us to and it aligns with our Mission:

“Help 5 million renters and residents find their next home and enjoy their community by 2024”

To dig in a bit further, people’s behavior and expectations around how they find their next apartment is changing. The ability to get responses to questions immediately, self-qualify, and move themselves quickly through the leasing process has become a requirement. When it comes to renters, according to Zillow, the data is clear:

  • 90% of renters prefer to self-schedule tours.
  • 95% of renters schedule a tour within 24 hours of submitting a lead, and 70% of them within the first 3 hours.
  • 60% of renters do their initial search outside of business hours when leasing agents aren’t available to answer questions or schedule tours.
  • More than half of all renters apply to two or more communities, so the need for speed has never been greater as a competitive advantage.

Onsite teams are noticing the rapid change in renter expectations that lead to compounding demands on their time. Recently, Knock reported that the number of rental leads being generated has increased 6x over a two-year period on average. While this is a good thing, it also means that many onsite teams are overwhelmed with leads that need follow-up, questions answered, and tours scheduled. A challenge onsite teams commonly face is that by the time they follow up with prospects they’re being ghosted because the prospect moved forward with a property that responded sooner.

Our bot gives prospective renters the opportunity to move through the process when it’s best for them. By being available 24/7, and providing the answers and tools prospects are looking for, Nelli increases the number of tours scheduled, applications completed, and the speed at which prospects move through the lead to lease lifecycle.

With the help of our bot, Nurture Boss can achieve our mission of helping 5 million people find their next community while saving onsite teams hours a day. By using Nelli, onsite teams are freed up to provide exceptional tours and build a better community through meaningful resident engagement.

Why are onsite teams choosing Nelli for their Property?

  • Nelli is Multi-Channel & Always Available
    • Nelli serves your prospects where they are. Whether interacting with a PPC Ad, visiting your website, or texting from their phones, Nelli is working to convert prospects 24/7.
  • Nelli empowers your prospects to qualify themselves
    • Nelli converts prospects into tours and applications by answering the questions that matter most to them. Whether it’s the Pet Policy, Amenities, Local Info, Photos, Floorplans, Pricing, Concessions, Fees & Utilities, and more, Nelli is always moving the conversation forward.
  • Self Schedule Tours
    • When it comes to scheduling tours, Nelli is a pro: available 24/7, Nelli checks for onsite team availability, and schedules tours directly into CRM.
  • Create Guest Cards
    • If a visitor hasn’t yet entered your CRM as a lead, Nelli makes it easy to follow up by creating a guest card.
  • Hyper-personalized
    • Nelli uses interactions with your prospects to learn more about what’s important to them and uses that to provide hyper-personalized follow-up through Nurture Boss.

Want to learn more about how Nelli can save your onsite team hours every week while increasing NOI? Schedule a demo