We all know that social media has dominated the attention of humans around the world, but now more than ever multifamily social media is critical and should maintain a consistent presence.

A recent study has shown that the average global citizen spends over 145 minutes per day on social media. This provides advertisers and influencers a tremendous opportunity to connect with users like never before. All you need is a phone to build a following and share your brand story… So why aren’t more communities active with their multifamily social media?

In this article, we’d like to outline the benefits of keeping up on your social media and how it will positively impact your community and increase conversions in the lead to lease lifecycle.

Three Reasons Your Multifamily Social Media Is So Important

Community Awareness

Staying top of mind to your prospects and even your existing residents is important considering the fact that prospects have dozens of options when choosing the right community to call home. By posting on a consistent basis and frequently appearing in their social feed, your chances of being remembered, both your brand and community, increase drastically. Community neighborhood perks, amenities, pet policies, and resident stories are great places to start when posting relatable content that can create positive community awareness on social media.

Prospect Nurture

At Nurture Boss we love talking about prospect nurture and social media is another great tool for you to leverage to nurture, and ultimately convert, your prospects into residents. The name of the game here is “CONSISTENCY”. Most communities have a social media presence but not one that is updated frequently and regularly. It’s recommended that a business should post 3-5 times a day on their business page, but let’s be realistic that is a full-time job in and of itself. The goal with consistent prospect nurturing with social media is to find a cadence that works well for you and your leasing team. At Nurture Boss we recommend at a minimum 3-5 times per week but most important is to stick to the schedule once you create one!


Social media gives communities a platform to show how human they are. You’re not just their property manager; you’re just like them. People gravitate towards human connection and what better way to show how human you are than to share real stories on social media. Communities unable to demonstrate authenticity will never really connect with their prospects or residents in a meaningful way.

Next Steps

Smart community managers understand the importance of surveying their residents and prospects. Social media provides a platform for never-ending feedback if you’re willing to listen. Read your comments and reviews. Ask yourself if there are areas for growth or opportunity in your own community.

At the end of the day you are trying to create a community; and communities thrive on collaborations. Use social media as a collaboration tool. Listen and respond authentically. The results will be astonishing!

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