Lead Nurture Is Gaining Steam

Just a few years ago text message marketing and powerful lead nurture platforms weren’t even a part of most companies’ communication strategy. In the last few years, texting has exploded onto the scene and smart marketers know its true potential and see the results in real-time.

Unobtrusive Lead Nurture

On a daily basis, anyone with a cell phone receives multiple calls from a verity of callers. This interrupts their day and forces them to quickly shift priorities. Although it’s always nice to see that mom and dad are thinking about you, the fact is that it’s become more common to see incoming calls from unsaved numbers in your phone than ever before. Although some of the unknown callers may be important, psychologically we have the thought in the back of our mind saying “this is a solicitation”.

It has been proven that people are more likely to answer their phone if they are familiar with the number.

Texting on the other hand has become a preferred method of communication across the board. Even in people’s voice mail recordings, it’s common to hear “shoot me a text to this number for a quicker response”.

Texting is the new comfort zone of the modern consumer.

Lead Nurture Gets You More “At-Bats”

Although texting is the king of communication and a powerful lead nurturing tool, that doesn’t mean that actually talking to a prospect on the phone is an archaic way to sell. We believe that nothing beats a handshake. But in these strange times where social distancing is a reality, getting a prospect on the phone is critical to making the sale. But if prospects aren’t answering your calls what can you do to get them on the phone a close the deal?

At Nurture Boss our primary purpose is to provide our clients with a powerful lead nurture engine. This engine ultimately gives your team more “at-bats” and ability to close more deals. We believe that if prospects aren’t answering your calls then your new strategy is to have them call you. This is achieved by starting the nurturing sequence with a personalized text message that they simply can’t avoid opening. Every nurture page sent though our platform has an easy to use click to call feature that encourages your prospects to contact your team with a simple tap of their finger. Our campaigns see on average anywhere between 3%-5% click to call rate. This mean your phone will ring shortly after broadcasting your Nurture Boss campaigns.

For more useful statistics view our recently published trend report

Taking calls is critical for building rapport and understanding your prospect’s goals. Nothing will change that anytime soon. Our goal is to help you talk to more qualified prospects with high intent to purchase by leveraging our personalized SMS tool.

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