The COVID-19 pandemic has forced property management companies to relearn how to connect and create a community without face-to-face interactions.

A recent article published in Multi-Housing New, mentions “For on-site management teams, one of the biggest changes has been the shift from in-person to virtual. Working from home became a norm and a new challenge for an industry not used to running things remotely.”

At Nurture Boss we not only believe this to be true but we have also been proactively building technology to help combat the current challenges onsite management teams face on a daily basis.

Why Texting?

Texting has been proven to provide the highest visibility and engagement score out of all other communications platforms. On average, Nurture Boss users see an increased engagement rate 4X higher than emailing and phone call efforts.

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In short, texting is fast, friendly, and safe. When you text with Nurture Boss you can rest assured your message will be delivered and read by your prospects and/or residents.

4X Your Communication By Texting

Attracting more residents isn’t simply about generating more leads, it’s about properly nurturing the existing interested prospects. Email follow up and digital brochures aren’t going to cut it anymore. You must be diligent in your efforts to communicate with your prospects on a platform that’s native and comfortable to their daily habits. Texting accomplishes that.

At Nurture Boss we’re infusing consumer habits with our client’s marketing and communication efforts in a way that is friendly and welcomed by prospects and residents alike.

How It Works

Evolving your communication strategy by texting is simple with Nurture Boss. Here are some ways our customers have used our platform to attract more residents and create a community in this time of social distancing.

Nurturing the prospect

  • Appointment Reminder
  • Guest Card Follow Up
  • Tour Follow Up
  • Concession Offering

Nurturing your new/existing residents

  • Move-in Checklist
  • Event Reminder
  • Rent Reminder
  • Emergency Communications
  • Lease Renewal Reminder
  • Maintenance Follow Up

Marketing in this new era is an opportunity for companies to show leadership and set the tone for communication with prospects and residents. The habits consumers have formed since COVID-19 are here to stay. It’s up to you to meet them where they feel comfortable.

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