Text Message Marketing is a perfect communication method if you want to follow up with your prospects/residents in a fast, efficient, and friendly way.

There are more than 14.02 billion mobile devices in the world today. Text message marketing reached more than 3 billion people using 6 billion of these devices. This means that SMS is ruling the consumer market more than any other traditional communication tool.

Text message marketing with Nurture Boss is one of the most efficient ways to engage prospects and residents. To support this claim, we’ll give you just a few interesting data points:

  • Nurture Boss Text Messages are opened 98% of the time
  • 58% of those people click through to the next step 
  • Nurture Boss Customers see a 50% increase in online applications submitted

But text message marketing has its own rules with good and bad practices. Here are the top 5 best practices to ensure you have the best results with your SMS lead nurture campaigns. 

text message marketing

Top 5 Text Message Marketing Best Practices

1. Follow SMS Marketing Guidelines

At Nurture Boss, texting is our business. We take the necessary steps that allow our customers to ensure their text message marketing campaigns comply with U.S. law and U.S. regulations. This includes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) View Our TCP OneSheet

2. Personalization 

Our customers who experience the best results leverage our systems personalization tokens to make their text messages feel friendly and welcoming to the prospects and residents they nurture. The more information you have on your prospects and residents the more personalization you can leverage on our platform.

3. Be brief

SMS messages are only 160 characters long. You must be focused and skillful to write short, yet effective SMS marketing messages to grab your prospects attention. Just remember the KISS method, Keep It Short and Simple… Your prospects and residents will appreciate you for it. 

4. Don’t abuse the power

The last thing you want to do is oversaturate your prospects and residents with daily promotions, concessions and unnecessary messages. SMS is a powerful communication tool first and foremost. Before you send your messages with Nurture Boss ask yourself “is this too salesly, or is it genuinely helpful?” As a result of providing your prospects and residents with relevant information your sales will naturally increase. 

5. Timing is everything 

SMS is very personal. It lands directly into customers’ hands so you must consider the times of day when it is most appropriate to send your marketing messages. It is crucial to choose the right time. Consider the fact that most of your prospects work a 9-5 job. In fact our data shows 5:15pm is the peak performance time to send concession offerings and all prospect lead nurture messages. 

In short, text message marketing and lead nurturing is something every multifamily marketer should have in their toolkit but if abused can become very ineffective very quickly.

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