The COVID19 pandemic affected all of us. Thankfully, the world is beginning to return back to normal, however, some things will never be quite the same. According to a recent article by Harvard Business Review, one of those things is marketing. So, how can you amp up your post-pandemic multifamily marketing to adapt to this new world?

The New Truths of Post-pandemic Marketing

There are some “new truths” to post-pandemic multifamily marketing. For example, customers now expect you to have exactly what they want. No longer do “one size fits all” marketing strategies attract the most customers. Another example is that relationships are everything today. Stories about personal data being stolen are becoming all too common in today’s world, so customers really need to trust the properties they engage with. Lastly, marketing today is like online dating. Dating today is more about algorithms than meeting as many people as possible. However, top CMOs still agree that a mix of strong brand plus performance marketing are key to success. A one-to-one targeting strategy with highly personalized content will go a long way.

Adapting to New Marketing Strategies

The world is changing fast, so how can you stay ahead? At Nurture Boss we build features that address the latest marketing strategies.

Customers expect exactly what they want.
Nurture Boss allows you to send personalized Nurture Pages that are built to target individual prospects or residents with your property’s specific branding and voice. Nurture Pages like the Guest Card Follow Up allow you to send a prospect exactly what they want by focusing specifically on each prospect’s individual interests! Say good-bye to generic, mass, messages!

Relationships are everything.
Trust goes a long way, and Nurture Boss protects that trust. We adhere strict regulations like TCPA to ensure the best possible experience for prospects and residents. We also leverage the latest cloud technology to guarantee safety and security of prospect and resident data.

Marketing is like online dating.
Nurture Boss marketing automation allows you to target the maximum number of prospects and residents while also prioritizing personalized messages. It’s like having the guarantee that each of your online dating matches will automatically receive the best customized message from you directly. In the end you get more dates!

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