Looking for a better way to engage your prospects and residents? Get personal with humanized marketing.

After collecting thousands of data points from over 100,000 touchpoints, Nurture Boss has noticed something worth sharing: Properties get better conversions across the board when adding humanized marketing to their nurturing efforts.  It’s more important to make your nurture efforts personalized and humanized than ever before.

The more personal your marketing and communication efforts, the more likely your prospects and residents feel a connection to your community.  Big or small, the brand that feels most human is likely to win the business.

There are so many areas to add a personal touch to your prospect nurturing, yet so many communities miss these opportunities.

Email Follow Up

As you read this sentence, your prospects are receiving promotional emails. If you sent something today, your message is in the mix. But whether your prospects open it depends on three factors: the sender name, subject line, and preheader text.

The sender name is the first and most important chance to be human, yet a lot of brands choose to use their community name instead of a person’s name. It takes only a minute and costs nothing to update the sender name in your email service provider but is also automatic inside the Nurture Boss Platform. Doing so can have a big impact on your open rates and click-through rates.

SMS Follow Up

We’ve written a lot about how to send better texts in the past but we can’t stress this opportunity enough. First, you should be personalizing the message. It’s all about making it personal, so make sure you are capturing the right data during lead generation. Start every text with “Hi, [clientFirstName]!”. As marketers we need a way to send a lot of texts at once, so we rely on software, however, if your texts look like they came from a robot you will never get any traction. Add your prospect’s first name (full name is too formal) and any other personal information you have that is relevant to your message!

Additionally, avoid words that sound like spam. Any words that sound spammy will cause immediate disengagement. Avoid words like Free, Click Here, Act Now, Limited Time, etc.

Sales Pages

Sales pages can feel like the empty shop in that mall that no one goes to anymore. Some sites have no faces anywhere, or—almost as bad—they’re filled with stock photos of people who don’t seem real, like mannequins in a department store.

Sales pages are some of the most important places to be human because they’re where your prospects are making decisions about moving into your community. Here, personal connection is more important and more powerful.

Unlinke generic sales pages, Nurture Pages leverage personalization tokens similar to email marketing but with many other layers of sophistication. Nurture pages allow multifamily marketers to not only add the prospect’s first name to the sales page but also other critical information regarding the prospect. (information you gathered during the lead inception of that prospect) For example; number of desired bedrooms, move-in dates, personalized concessions and much more. 

The ‘About Us’ Page

The “About Us” page is one of the most visited pages, second to your homepage. Why? Because visitors want to make a personal connection.

The “About Us” page helps to tell a brand’s story, beginning with the characters. 

Use the “About Us” page as an opportunity to showcase your organization’s personality:

  • Tell the story of how your community began, including challenges and failures. Why does your community exist?
  • Explain what the founders and employees believe, and what their deepest passions are.
  • Show the faces and interests of key team members.

Upgrading the format—from text to video, perhaps—makes the personal touch here (and anywhere) more compelling.

You Are Your Difference

The other thing that all brands have in common, regardless of size, is the drive to differentiate. It’s common to complain about standing out, but one of your differences is in plain sight: It’s you and your people.

You are the only company that has your team. Proving that you’re different is a matter of showcasing who you are

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