Apartment Marketing Trends

Take at look at these marketing statistics and trends for 2023. Staying ahead of the curve is how you beat out the competition and provide your renters with the information they needs to choose your property for their next home!

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Multifamily Marketing Trends in 2023

Apartment Industry Trends

Mixed-Use Properties

We are seeing an up-tick in new mixed-use properties. Whether it me malls adding co-working spaces, blending residential and retail, or restaurant and business, we are seeing more mixed-use properties materialize. The new work-from-home world we live in is bringing the local area and neighborhood attractions to the forefront for renters across america.

Malls in America Add Mixed-Use Spaces
Of Residents Say Walkability Is Important

What you can do with this information

Understanding why these numbers are what they are will help you attract more residents. Renters today care about the surrounding area of where they live. Survey after survey has confirmed this as a fact. Use this information to market the right things to prospective renters.

What You Can Do
  • Add “Work From Home” Language To Your Marketing
  • Show the Walk Score on Your Website
  • Show Google Maps with Walking Distance to Key Attractions
  • Highlight Specific Neighborhood Attractions Based on the Renter’s Interests

The Renter Looks Different

With the rise in interest rates and record high inflation more and more Americans prefer to rent. This means we are seeing more baby-boomers enter the renting market in addition to the largest population group in the U.S. – Millennials. That being said, ALL age groups prefer easy and digital solutions at properties they rent.

Million Americans Rent
Of Those Renters Live in Apartments

What you can do with this information

Understanding the demographic of your property will allow you to build for the renter. What amenities does your renter care about? Is ADA and Accessibility a top priority? Understand your renter to create the best community possible.

What You Can Do
  • Provide Convenience Through Digital Tools
  • Every Generation Prefers Communication Through Text and Email Over Phone Calls
  • Cater To Multiple Generations In An Apartment
  • Advertise Relevant Features Based on Demographic Of The Renter

Build-To-Rent Is Growing. Fast.

Build-To-Rent is booming in the U.S. and we expect to see this continue in 2023. Build-To-Rent is fueled by giant corporations that have the pockets and resources to keep expanding. As interest rates continue to climb BTR becomes a very viable option for the older renter as well as the more financially savvy young renter.

Increase In BTR Homes Under Construction
BTR Tenants Are Couples With Kids

What you can do with this information

Understanding who you are up against allows you to get ahead of your competition. This article by the BrokerList has some good stats and ideas on how multifamily can compete with BTR. See some highlights from this article to the right.

What You Can Do
  • Modernize Your Exterior
  • Consider redesigning the lobby with new furniture or interior accessories.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning within the common areas.
  • Offer appealing amenities on-site.

Multifamily demand is cooling, the market is more competitive. The days of apartments “leasing themselves” is over in the near future. Demand dropped nearly 10% between Q1 and Q3 of 2022.

Apartment Marketing Trends

Personalization Matters

Each year personalization become more important to consumers. 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized interactions. If your renter has a pet, lead with your pet park amenity. If your renter is a workout nerd, send great photos of the gym. Know your audience and speak to them directly.

More Revenue When Personalization Is Used
Want Relevant Produc Information

What you can do with this information

Every apartment is sitting on a gold mine of data. Your CRM knows ALL KINDS of things about your prospects and past prospects. Use this data to create bespoke strategies for each renter based on their needs.

What You Can Do
  • Leverage Past Data To Identify What Drives Renters To Make Decisions
  • Build A Profile For Each Renter Based On Their Needs
  • Create And Execute A Custom Follow Up Strategy Based On This Profile
  • Track Questions Renters Ask to Enrich Their Profile

Videos Are In

The amount of videos watched online has more than doubled since 2018. 86% of businesses use video to market and consumer expect it. Companies like OneDay and Realync are great options for video in Multifamily. Delivering the video to your renters through the right channel is equally as important. Combining the automated outreach of Nurture Boss with your favorite video platform is a recipe for success.

Purpose of Videos Created

Explainer Videos


Social Media Videos


Presentation Videos


Video Testimonials


What you can do with this information

Understand how your renters want to be communicated with means you can meet them where they are, rather than asking them to find your content.

What You Can Do
  • Create Unit Level Videos
  • Create Personal Videos For Engaged Prospects
  • Post Your Videos Online And Make Them Easily Accessible
  • Deliver These Videos with Automation Through Text Messaging

SEO Still Matters

Property Websites remains a primary lead source according to internal data from Nurture Boss. Despite the buzz about influencers and TikTok marketing, your renters are still Googling it. Ensuring your website stay SEO rich is key to being found by your prospects. Invest in your Google Business presence, SEO website content, ILS listings, and general “search-ability”. TikTok isn’t going to rent you that vacant unit quite yet…



Property Website






What you can do with this information

Make sure your property website is SEO Friendly. There are a lot of great tools on the internet that will tell you this for free. SEObility, PageSpeed Insights, and SEO Tester Online to name a few.

What You Can Do
  • Ensure Your Website Ranks For Key Words Your Care About
  • Prioritize Mobile Friendliness For Your Website
  • Make Sure Your Website Loads FAST!
  • Don’t Over Populate The Screen With “CLICK HERE!” Buttons
  • Setup Google Analytics To Measure If Changes Your Make Are Working

“Just Send Me A Text”

Texting is continuing to grow as the #1 preferred method of communication across Millennials and Gen-Z. Your property should have the ability to easily and automatically text your renters and residents. Meeting our customers where they are at is key to success in 2023.

Of Consumers Reply To Texts Within 1-2 Minutes
Of Users Opted-In To Receive Texts From Businesses in 2022

What you can do with this information

Your customers want you to text them. Full Stop. In fact 61% of your customers fully expect to be able to text you. This is a huge untapped differentiator you can offer your renters to set yourself apart from their other options.

What You Can Do
  • Leverage AI For Two Way Texting
  • Send Meaningful Updates And Information Via Text
  • Leverage A Solution That Is TCPA Compliant
  • Use Hyper-Personalization To Get Relevant Information In Front Of Your Renters

Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to reach your customer. However, how we measure success here has changed. Open Rates are no longer the golden KPI. Understand what actions the customer takes AFTER opening the email is what you should measure in 2023.

More Revenue Is Generated From Automated Emails than Non-Automated
Of Renters Check Their Email On Their Phone

What you can do with this information

Prioritize email marketing and automate it! Delivering content slowly over a period of weeks that is hyper-personalized to the recipients allows renters to move at their own speed and be in the driver seat of decision making. Email marketing continues to be incredibly effective and anyone not leveraging it is missing out on conversions.

What You Can Do
  • Use Customizable Templates To Create A Great Customer Experience
  • Automate The Sending Of Emails With A Tool That Allows For Hyper-Personalization *cough Nurture Boss*
  • Track KPIs Besides Open Rates (Like Click Through Rates)
  • Have Relevant Call To Actions In Your Emails Based On Where The Customer Is In The Lead To Lease Lifecycle

Only 9% of Americans say they feel represented in the advertising they see. This means the rest of the content that lands in front of them seems generic or irrelevant to the viewer.

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