Nurture for MFH Leads

Nurturing leads as part of your sales strategy is not a new concept. In the past companies have instituted nurturing techniques such as email automation and social retargeting, as methods to keep their company top of mind to their prospects. Although these methods are still valid and should be practiced, there are other and more effective ways to nurture prospects in this new era of mobile-enabled consumers.

To be most effective when nurturing prospects you have to make sure you are working with valuable and accurate data. In MFH there are many ways we collect prospect data. Online Guest Cards are one of the most common. So we pose this question to you with regard to your data capture. “Are you asking the right questions?”

Let’s break down the two different types of lead capture forms:

Nurture from Short-Form

Short-form lead capture consists of asking general questions such as name, email, phone number, and comments.

Statistics show that forms that have fewer questions have higher opt-ins. However, the quality of those leads tend to drop because the prospects commitment level is lower. In short, quantity vs quality.

Nurture from Long-Form

Long-form lead capture consists of asking all the questions a short-form has but dives deeper with specific and more personal questions related to the prospect’s needs. This sets up the company’s sales team to have a more personalized conversation with the prospect.

Statistics show that forms that have more specific questions will have fewer opt-ins than short-forms but the quality of that lead will be better and have a higher conversion rate. In short, quality vs quantity.

Lead Capture for Better Nurture

In the MFH space, the leasing staff on property wear many hats. Marketing and sales being one of them. By focusing on quality over quantity you allow your staff to yield higher results while at the same time taking up less of their time.

At Nurture Boss we recommend asking the least amount of RIGHT QUESTIONS. Because our platform allows for personalization through SMS delivery and personalized nurture pages, we recommend asking questions that allow your nurture methods to speak directly to the prospect based on their specific needs.

For Example:

Let’s say you manage an apartment complex. If you only gather lead data in a short-form context the only personalization you can do is add their name to a text or email. There is nothing revolutionary about that. It’s been done for years. On top of that your staff is tasked with hundreds of follow-ups to do each week. With so much work and so little time, the quality of those follow-ups are sure to suffer.

Now, let’s say that the same apartment manager gathers more specific information from their prospective tenants; the number of bedrooms, price range, preferred move-in date… Nurture Boss was designed to take this specific information and use it to nurture that prospect, converting them into a paying resident.

Once you capture more specific criteria during the initial lead inception you can use it in a message similar to this:

Hey John, I understand you’re interested in one of our beautiful 3 bedroom units and your price range is $1200-$1500. We have the perfect home for you that would be available on 6/20/2021. Click the link below to take a virtual tour…

Our clients that use Nurture Boss are able to leverage personalized information to craft custom messages and offerings based on their prospects criteria. That not only makes Nurture Boss unique but also provides our clients better results than any other marketing tool in their arsenal for far less of their time.

When it comes to capturing leads make sure you’re asking the right questions. Even more importantly using that information to personalize your nurture efforts. The results will speak for themselves.

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