Automated Payment Collections

Nurture Boss Automated Payment Collections helps increase on-time rent payments and decrease delinquencies through automated communication with residents. Remind resident before rent is due and automatically send delinquency notices with the Nurture Boss platform.

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Automated Payment Collections with Nurture Boss

Stop Chasing Down Rent Payments

Nurture Boss Automated Payment Collections means proactively reminding residents before rent is due and automatically sending delinquency notices to accounts with an overdue balance.

  • Set custom day of the month to send a proactive rent reminder. 💸
  • Drive residents to your portal or resident app to setup automatic payments. 🤖
  • Automatically send delinquency notices to residents with an overdue ledger balance. 🧐
  • Set custom thresholds for ledger balance amounts to trigger delinquency notices. 📈
Automated Delinquency Notices with Nurture Boss
Automatic Rent Reminders with Nurture Boss

Create Your Own Custom Rent Reminders

On-time rent payments start with Rent Reminders. Custom and Personalized Reminders sent to every resident each month.

  • Drive residents to the destination of your choice (resident portal, resident mobile app, and more).
  • Send rent reminders on the day of your choice.
  • Rent reminders are personalized for each resident and branded for the property.
  • Track engagement and activity with rent reminders to know which residents are taking action on each rent reminder sent.
  • Drive more sign-ups for your flexible rent payment solutions.

Integrated Delinquency Data

Nurture Boss’s robust PMS integrations means access to detailed data for every resident’s ledger.

  • Accurate ledger balances for each resident.
  • Custom and personalized delinquency notices sent to each resident.
  • Direct payments to the provider of your choice (resident portal, mobile app, etc.).
  • Customize what day of the month notices are sent.
  • Customize overdue balance threshold that triggers delinquency notice.

What Can Nurture Boss Do For You?

Learn more about how Nurture Boss can bring AI and Automation to your property to increase occupancy, maintain occupancy, increase renewals, and boost short staffed or centralized leasing teams!

    “Everything is going great at my three sites with Nurture Boss! The teams are all very excited about it, and have been singing it’s praises. Because Nurture Boss provides SO MUCH value to my sites, and has helped us increase our efficiency, and leasing ever since signing them up. Nurture Boss is the best :)”

    Rachel T.Regional Vice President