Adding Nurture Boss To Your Lead To Lease To Renewal Life Cycle

Powerful integrations and features allow you to add our supercharged marketing engine to your existing CRM, increasing engagement by 3X and allowing you to convert 15% more applications and increase renewals by 6%!

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Nurture Boss How It Works

How It Works

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Nelli the Bot

Nelli is available 24/7 to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions, create guest cards automatically making follow-up easy, and schedule tours at your property!

Multi-Channel & Always Available, Self-Schedule Tours, Create Guest Cards, Empower Prospects to Self-Qualify, and Hyper Personalization.

Follow Up With Prospects Automatically In Under 30 Minutes

Respond to leads as soon as they come in on their preferred communication channel.

Too often prospects have to reach out to properties multiple times to get a response. This means the first property to respond often wins the business.

Nurture Boss Integrates with RealPage Yardi Entrata and more!

Nurture Boss stays up to date with your systems to make sure we always have the latest info.

Respond To Prospects Automatically Within 30 Minutes
Stick With Prospects Until They Convert

Stick With Prospects Until They Convert

While we know prospects need 8-12 touch points to convert, we often see guest cards closed after 2-3 touch points. Nurture Boss’ automation means each prospect can receive the minimum number of touch points helping to drive them through the lead to lease lifecycle.

Get more tours scheduled and more applications submitted with Nurture Boss automation.

Only Spend Your Time On Prospects Most Likely To Convert

Nurture Boss monitors all activity of your prospects to understand which prospects are most likely to convert. Separate serious renters from “window shoppers” with Nurture Boss’ Engaged Prospect List.

This short list provides you with data driven lists of your most engaged prospects and those most likely to convert. Use this shortlist to have the onsite team spend their time where it will be most effective.

Identify engaged prospects with Nurture Boss
Nurture Boss Renewal Conversion Automation

Make Living At Your Community A Delightful Experience

Resident retention starts the day the lease is signed, not 90 days before the lease is up for renewal. Nurture Boss offers a variety of tools to allow for a smooth move in experience by providing the new resident with all of the information they need for their new home.

Nurture Boss’ automation doesn’t stop when a prospect becomes a resident. Resident communication automation helps ensure your residents stay happy to increase renewal rates. We can help automate the renewal process too!

  • Move In Checklists
  • Maintenance Follow Ups
  • Rent Reminders
  • Event Reminders
  • Renewal Notices
  • And More!

“Nurture Boss has drastically increased efficiencies in our operations and resident/prospect communication, at both our stabilized assets and our new lease-up communities. Nurture Boss is the future of resident and prospect communication in the industry!”

Claudia G.Director of Marketing at Fore Property