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Marketing & Operations in Multifamily

Marketing & Operations in Multifamily

| Lead Nurture, Marketing Automation, MFH Marketing | No Comments
How close are your marketing and ops teams? Connected at the hip, going out to happy hours together, a polite nod when passing in the hallway, mortal enemies?! Marketing &…
Renewal Leads

What Are Renewal Leads?

| Customer Service, Resident Retention | No Comments
We are starting to see a term more and more in multifamily. "Renewal Leads". But what are renewal leads and why are we using this new term to describe them?…
Lead to Lease, What To Automate

Lead to Lease: What To Automate

| Lead Nurture, Marketing Automation | No Comments
The lead to lease lifecycle is being automated more and more in 2023 within multifamily and apartment marketing. The top concern I am hearing is where do we draw the…
Lead to Lease Conversion

Lead to Lease Conversion of the Future

| Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Lease Renewals, MFH Marketing | No Comments
This article is meant to describe where we could be in multifamily marketing and how we view the lead to lease lifecycle. We have the technology to do it, but…