What is a Lead To Lease Conversion Platform?

Lead To Lease Conversion Platforms (LLCP’s) are designed to help leasing teams nurture leads from all advertising efforts, converting them to signed leases. LLCP’s offer more efficient communication tools for engaging prospects and residents. Additionally, a good LLCP platform should shorten your typical sales cycle. This enables you to sign more leases faster and retain existing residents through lease renewals. 

Leaps in technology now enable onsite team members to use these platforms for a wide variety of communication initiatives. Created as an alternative to traditional methods, your LLCP should first and foremost be a communication tool. it should help you communicate to and inform prospects with the important information they need to make a smart purchase decision.

With Lead to Lease Conversion Platforms, onsite teams can leverage personalization, build better relationships, and can more easily track and plan prospect interactions to make the entire sales funnel intentional. LLCPs typically offer lead management, conversion activity, analytic reporting, two-way SMS communication, mass SMS campaigns, and mass email campaigns.  Additional features may include the generation of personalized nurture pages and prospect engagement reporting.

Lead To Lease Conversion Platform Comparison Chart

Why Your Apartment Needs a LLCP

  • Increasing sales
  • Streamlining client communication
  • Collaborative tools help salespeople close the deal.
  • Improving resident retention
  • Effective communication keeps customers around longer
  • Streamlining your sales funnel
  • Granular reporting helps identify engaged prospects
  • Easy online marketing tools
  • Lead To Lease Conversion Platforms help leasing teams plan and track SMS and email campaigns.
  • Easily analyze sales and marketing data for better results and a higher conversion rate.

How to Choose the LLCP Software for Your Apartment

  • Setup time
  • Cloud-hosted solutions can be deployed faster than on-premises ones. 
  • Look for a LLCP with good support and a large user community to easily resolve setup difficulties.
  • Ease of use 
  • Find a tool with good data visualization and that provides streamlined apps to help your salespeople enter and access data on the go.
  • Pricing and cost
  • What does the LLCP offer besides email and SMS outreach? Consider looking for a tool with a rich integration library to take advantage of connections with other services or CRM’s you may use.
  • Customer service reps and knowledge base
  • What hours is the support team available? Look for a support team accessible in your time zone and which provides more than simple ticket support.
  • Interface
  • Is the LLCP you’re considering visually pleasing? Opt for a tool that makes it easy for your leasing team to visualize using frequently. 

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