Creating Many Pages at Once With Spreadsheets

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Creating many pages at once with Bulk Create
  • Start on the templates tab of the Nurture Boss platform
  • Choose template by clicking on “Bulk Create” under your desired template
  • Enter required information within each section (Organizational Info, Property Info, Property Contact Info, Other Info) until all sections are green with a check mark
    • If you’d like to save any portion of these components for future use, you can click “Save as default”
  • Under the Prospect Info section, you’ll choose the “Use Your Own Spreadsheet” option by clicking “Upload File”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to determine first & last rows of data, first name, phone or email, and page name (it is recommended to choose prospect full name)
    • Be sure to click on the row/column in it’s entirety, and not just a single cell
  • Once the excel sheet has been fully defined, click “Continue”
  • Preview the data to ensure the system has interpreted the data correctly, then click “Continue”
  • Verify the overview of how many pages will be created based on the data in the spreadsheet, then click “Create Pages”
  • Edit text message content as desired, utilizing “tokens” to personalize
  • For immediate sending, click “Send Now”, OTHERWISE
  • For sending in the future, click “Schedule Send” and choose the desired date & time before clicking “Save Schedule”
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