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Data is king at Nurture Boss, so we are here to ensure our data is transparent to allow you to be the best marketers you can be. Based on our research, there are definitely right and wrong times to send marketing-related messages to your prospects & residents.

Every property is unique in their own ways, so we recommend working closely with your Customer Success Manager to find what is working best for you property, but below are our recommendations to begin with.

Marketing Outreach Tips

  • Avoid sending messages on Sunday, Monday or Friday
    • Think like your prospects — “Sunday Scaries”, exhausting Mondays, and Friday marks the beginning of the weekend to release all stressors
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are the most optimal days
    • Imagine when your prospects will not only be by their phone, but be available to take the actions you want them to take
    • Texts: between 5-6pm when your prospects are done with work
    • Emails: between 11-3pm when your prospects are taking a break at work
  • Include personalization & personality
    • Use Nurture Boss’ tokens to quickly & easily personalize your messages with your prospects’ first name. This will significantly increase open rates
    • Does your community have a unique personality? Your prospects aren’t just looking for a nice apartment interior, they often also want to make sure the team in the office is friendly and personable. Channel that energy into your messages to remind them why your community should be chosen to be “home”!
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