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Why Automation

Automation gives you the ability to nurture your leads with customized messages and personalized nurture pages; saving your onsight team time, money and ultimately shortening your lead to lease sales cycle.

  • Guaranteed Prospect Engagement 
  • Saving Your Leasing Team Time
  • Customizable Messaging 
  • Always Running Behind The Scenes  
  • Sign More Leases 
  • Automated Lease Renewals
Unlock Your Lead Potential

Never again worry about leads falling through the cracks…

Touch Points Per Prospects
Higher Conversion Rates

Always Running Behind The Scenes

Guaranteed Prospect Engagement

Automatically Sign More Leases

Automated Lease Renewals

Integration & Automation

Our integration allows RealPage and Yardi customers to send high-quality marketing text messages, personalized nurture pages, and beautiful emails to all your prospects and residents. Nurture Boss is Always On. We nurture your prospects 24/7/365 with no onsite team intervention.

Up to date data, everyday

  • Nurture Boss syncs all your prospect data each night, ensuring your nurture tracks include every viable prospect in your CRM.
  • Our nightly syncs determine the stage in the lead to lease lifecycle for each prospect and inserts them into the appropriate nurture track.

The right message at the right time.

  • With automation inside Nurture Boss, you can be certain that each prospect will receive the optimal number of touchpoints, every time, no matter what.
  • We make sure the best message is being delivered to each prospect depending on where they are in the lead to lease lifecycle.
  • We leverage industry-wide data to determine the best days and times to send each message.
  • No one will ever fall through the cracks again.

Onsite teams spending their time where it is most effective.

  • All prospects in a Nurture Boss automation track are monitored closely and all engagement is accurately measured.
  • This means the onsite team is delivered a curated list of top engaged prospects deemed most likely to lease on a daily basis. Add the human touch to close the deal on prospects ready to sign!
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“I am using Nurture Boss for the guest card follow-ups and delinquencies. They offer easy access templates, so I don’t have to go back and forth between One Site and Nurture Boss. I am able to see who really is interested and I target those prospects, which has increased our properties conversion rates. I often use their schedule ahead feature so that it’s most convenient for me!”

– Property Manager